Library, archive and museum solutions are one of the areas that change and transform the most rapidly in today's world where a new technological development is experienced almost each day. In this century when a new, fast and more effective life style supersedes classic lives, it is of great importance to use technologies that make people's lives easier in as many areas as possible. 

Libraries and museums, which are the mankind's link to his past and the countries' historical fabric, are considerably affected by the change in the living standards of the humanity.

With its experience and innovative approach, Ankaref produces solutions that will carry the cultural heritage of the past into the future. The library, archive and museum management solutions help you witness the journey of the history.

Library Solutions


    Nowadays, almost everything has an identity in the digital environment, and the unique resources that libraries have and the management of such resources by technology-based approaches are among the global trends.

    Ankaref opens the way for the management of both the physical conditions and information technologies infrastructure of libraries through its projects and next generation solutions. 

    The Library Management Platform put into practice by our company not only ensures that books and existing automation systems are operated in an integrated structure, but also carries information, the raw material of every era, into future.


 Library Automation System

  Collection Management and Security System
  Location Management Systems
  Library Consultancy Services


Archive Solutions

    The approach of 'proper use of information', which is one of the most fundamental values of this century, has led corporate firms to pursue new solutions with a view to preventing loss of data and time. Today, proper management of the digital and physical archive not only ensures that the relevant business processes be carried out in a more expeditious and hassle-free manner, but also lays the foundation of an effective corporate memory. 

    Thanks to its value-added and innovative solutions, Ankaref contributes efficiently and effectively to the business process of the ecosystem that will differentiate itself.

    We classify our physical archive solutions into two groups, namely, inventory management and new generation storage systems, and produce solutions with our expert team so that your physical archive can be formed in the most proper manner.



Inventory Management

With the integration of the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology into the physical archive management system, we are able to obtain fast, reliable and accurate results. RFID tags, used to identify physical archives, open the way for fast locating of materials and easy access to the documents required. The system also provides its users with functional features such as online access to information concerning any physical archive and retrospective reporting.

Next Generation Storage Systems

In addition to physical inventory management, Ankaref also generates solutions for storage and protection of archives under proper conditions. The smart storage systems we have created not only provides maximum capacity optimisation in limited areas, but also offers various advantages such as the protection of archives under proper conditions and their top-level preservation in cases of potential disasters.


The word 'digital', which is probably one of the most important terms of the 21st century called by some as the 'space age', is essential in archive management as well. As business processes can be defined in a 'more optimised and efficient manner' today, steps are being taken to ensure that archive management be not restricted merely to individuals.

Ankaref not only takes the most significant steps of this new approach, but also preserves corporate memory by ensuring that documents and data be archived in the digital environment. This new understanding in archive management provides considerable benefits such as easier access to data. Easy updating of information and prevention of data recurrence are the prominent advantages of the system.

In addition to ready-to-use digital archive solutions, our company also develops digital archive solutions for the needs of organisations that save time and material.

Museum Solutions


    Ankaref carries on taking on the "responsibility of future" by producing technology-based solutions for museums that provide preventive protection and increased management efficiency. Our company offers intelligent solutions for basic matters such as exhibition of works in a chronological system and proper protection of the works in storages, and continues to serve for the purpose of carrying the historical memory of our country into the future.

    Ankaref, which is always one step ahead of its rivals thanks to its knowledge base, experience and projects, has particularly remarkable solutions for facilitating the inventory, counting, security and data management processes relating to works in museums.

    Ankaref minimises the human errors in data management operations and manual countings, which are the primary problems in museums, and provides optimum performance and efficiency with its solutions.

    Ankaref puts into practice its solution approaches by means of experienced teams that include restoration and conservation experts, and aims for the best at all times in sustainable preventive protection efforts that are of vital importance for museums. 

    Next generation storage systems, combined cabinet systems, sensor systems, delicate air-conditioning systems, and fire protection and extinguishing systems created by our company are the combined body of solutions of secure access system integrated with each other.










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