About Us

Having been established in 2007 to produce solutions in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), Ankaref has taken important steps toward being an 'IoT Service Provider' with its successful projects completed in a short period of time, and has become one of the most prominent actors in the sector.

In addition to its headquarters in Ankara, Ankaref renders services in its Istanbul branch as well. With its powerful team, it pioneers innovation-based developments in Technology Development Zone of Middle East Technical University

Ankaref produces solutions to minimise human errors, ensure proper management of processes and reduce operating costs in various fields, particularly in the production and service sectors. By developing R&D-based technological products and presenting a wide range of approaches to problems, it always manages to be one step ahead of its rivals. While Ankaref's identification and auto ID projects that started in the fields of librarianship and museology have caught attention predominantly in the public sector, it also engages in successful projects in the spheres of retail business, textile, health and industry.

Heading toward being a world brand with its projects and solution partnerships in the international arena, Ankaref is proud of being one of the local companies with global competitive power that it has gained in a short period of time thanks to its sustainable productivity.

Having started out with the objective of "constructing the future as of today", Ankaref aims to be a leading exporter organisation with high value-added solutions.