Our Human Resources Policy

Ankaref's Human Resources Policy is primarily based on the principle of "attaining the best performance by employing the right persons in the right positions". Another policy of the human resources management is to develop and implement value-creating human resources strategies in order to fulfil the company's vision and attain its business goals. Ankaref aims to provide all of its employees with a transparent working environment that promotes creativity and team spirit and allows for self-improvement, and where the company's goals are internalised at every level and thoughts can be shared freely. Ankaref attains its goals primarily through the strength of its human resources, and aims to be a company where mutual trust and respect prevail, and participation and diversity are highly regarded.   


Ankaref's Human Resources Strategy is to be model company where an understanding of world-standard Human Resources Management in the IT sector is embraced and in which everyone wants to work and is proud of working. A common characteristic that the candidate employees of Ankaref need to have is the possession of the education, training, technical knowledge and competencies required by the job positions as well as of the personal characteristics consistent with our values. 



Competence and Performance Evaluation

One of the points to which we attach importance is to create competencies. We look for employees that share our vision, values and culture, and have the potential to give us more. Setting of recruitment criteria is essential for the selection of appropriate persons for career opportunities, promotions and positions. Determination of training and development needs, training designs and creation of career plans constitute the foundation of all Human Resources Management Systems. Ankaref conducts Performance Evaluation quarterly in order to identify the strengths and development areas of its department managers and personnel in terms of managerial competencies and to contribute to their professional and personal improvement. Our managers and personnel are provided with feedbacks in relation to their strengths and aspects that need to be improved so as to create awareness regarding such aspects.     



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