Field Track and Trace Solutions


    Logistic monitoring of inventory transactions of the units on site is of vital importance for companies engaged in such type of activities. Error-free and fast management of site operations are the most primary elements of the superiority of rival companies over each other. 

    The RFID technology, by which Ankaref is capable of rendering top-level services, allows for real-time monitoring and reporting of entry and exit of products in any storehouse, counting of fixtures and equipment in an organisation, and monitoring of site security. 

    Our company continues to be engaged in projects that provide versatile solutions not only in relation to the provision of such services through RFID plainly and tracking of inventory movement of things, but also about the tracking of environment data.  

    As is known, the keeping of temperature, humidity and other similar factors within certain reference values is very important in different sectors from pharmaceutical industry to agriculture, health and librarianship. The developing technology has paved the way for automatic measurement of values, which were manually measured until recently, through sensors, and for automatic intervention whenever required. These new systems that are used currently also minimise the human errors, offering effective monitoring and reporting solutions. 

    Being capable of providing users with an integrated system consisting of machines exchanging data with each other, Ankaref combines comprehensive environment value tracking solutions with M2M technologies, and helps its stakeholders have unique experiences with respect to site monitoring solutions. 










Personnel Tracking and Payment Solutions


    Today, one of the most fundamental approaches of business efficiency is the personnel tracking systems. Such systems pave the way for organisations to operate more efficiently and more productively. They provide directors with very important advantages by enabling them to track and calculate the entries and exits, working hours, absence, leaves, and resting time of employees. With its RFID-based solutions developed for this style of management, which is of great importance in organisations that have a high number of personnel and require in-house access control, Ankaref paves the way for real-time personnel management and tracking.

    The management systems put into practice by our company enables the use of personnel identity cards in payment transactions, thereby saving people from use of multiple cards. The system also allows for tracking the food investments served collectively in a more optimised and controlled manner, and enables directors to track the personnel-based consumption indices. 

    Ankaref's personnel tracking systems use HF personnel identity cards, face recognition and fingerprint recognition technologies for access control. For free pass control, it produces various solutions according to different circumstances and different needs, such as the tracking of UHF personnel identity cards. This system is capable of preventing unauthorised passes effectively, and is superior to other tracking systems as it allows for retrospective inquiry of personnel and location.



Vehicle Identification Solutions

    Today, controlled access systems are next generation tracking systems used almost everywhere from our residences to recreational areas, highways, places with different right of way, and various security zones.  

    Such systems are employed both for security and inspection purposes, regardless of area size, and are based on the technology of reading by electronic systems of a tag developed with RFID technology and attached onto vehicles. Thus, entry and exit operations and authorised/unauthorised entries and exits are tracked and reported upon association with the personnel identity in the vehicle. The system also enables preparation of black lists and integration with reporting systems that change according to the requests of users.  

    The system has recently become more widespread. It can be constructed with RFID equipment from the scratch or can be integrated with the current access control systems. By enabling fast and reliable reading, it contributes to security and control at top level. It also prevents traffic congestion and unnecessary waiting by ensuring easy and comfortable passage.

    The vehicle tracking solutions offered by Ankaref along with its solution partners provide optimisation of time, human resources and return of investments, and it is aimed that organisations employing this system reach the best values with respect to costs, time and employment.



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